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Cackling Earth Productions

An Independent Film Company

These Cackling Cats are here to bring you laughs, strange ideas, and the occasional rubber duck.

Cassie, Natavia, & KT began their journey after one fateful Fringe show during the summer of 2018. When they realized just how odd and well-suited they were for one another, the rest fell magically (albeit a tad chaotically) into place. Inspired by the desire to create more work for often ignored voices, Cackling Earth Productions was born.

Currently, the three are working on comedic sketches and shorts, and have plans for a full length Horror film called Hollow. 


Dirk & Targe: Scots at Large

They're no tha brightest fesh in tha tree.

Dirk & Targe is a goofy performance duo specializing in street improvisation. Can Laird Fergus MacDirk teach young Graeme the ways of a true Scot? Only time will tell...

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