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"Igor not only steals the corpses: Oberon steals the show with a grin inviting the audience to share the hunchback's delight at all the wonderfully weird shenanigans transpiring at Transylvania Heights.

[...] the impish Oberon remains rooted in the material's fundamental impiety: These are self-centered people engaged in unnatural pursuits, and they absolutely love it."
Jay Gabler, Duluth News Tribune

"[Frederick's] sidekick Igor (or Eyegor as he also demands), played brilliantly by Sif Oberon, is the Doctor’s constant companion. Oberon is impressive in a physically demanding role, requiring them to be bent over and having to drag themself back and forth with alacrity across the stage as the Doctor’s faithful flunky.

Oberon doesn’t miss a beat with their accented delivery, grim and often menacing facial expressions, and having to keep track of the mysteriously shifting hump on their back. Again, while many in the audience were aware of Marty Feldman’s masterful performance of the character in the film, Oberon too does their own distinct take with the role."

Sheryl Jensen, Destination Duluth


Igor (Sifryn Oberon) & Frederick (Kyle Weiler)  "Together Again for the First Time" in Young Frankenstein  / Photo by Terry Cartie Norton

“My favorite character was the title character of The Sorcerer, John Wellington Wells (of J.W. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers) played by Sifryn Oberon.
Absolutely delightful performance. They stole the show for me. They have the most spellbinding songs, great facial expression and body language, and of course, the spells.
[...] I was mesmerized by their performance. This is Oberon’s debut performance with GSVLOC, and what a delightful addition to this already strong company!”
Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page

"Sifryn Oberon does a remarkable job of embodying the eccentric, mysterious (possibly diabolical) sorcerer..."

Stephanie Kwong, phenomnal twin cities

"As Papageno, Sifryn Oberon is a delight to watch, enfolding the original character's eccentricities within the smart-aleck demeanor of a janitor who takes no guff."

Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

"Sifryn Oberon perform[s] Papageno with playful sincerity."

Sheila Regan, Pioneer Press


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